Recollections vs Erin Condren

recollections unicorn planner

Hello loves


I recently went shopping at Michaels looking for a new planner to start the new year. There are so many sales going on I had to take advantage. I never really pay attention to all the type of planners but since I wanted something new I decided to look through some Recollections planners. I was so excited to come across a Recollections planner that was identical to the Erin Condren planner. I have been a huge fan of Erin Condren planners so I had to buy this Recollections planner. Now it’s time to compare the two.





  • Recollections Planner $18-$30
  • Recollections planner has many stickers and sticker books in store for purchase.
  • Happy Planner stickers can be used on both Erin Condren and Recollection Planners
  • Recollection planners bring sheets of stickers, a folder, a pouch and some note paper
  • Erin Condren planners have more sturdy paper
  • Both Erin Condren and Recollections have same size box space



  • Erin Condren $55-$60
  • Erin Condren planners don’t have their own stickers so sticker shops on etsy provide
  • Recollection planner paper is more prone to breakage
  • Recollection planner coils are smaller which can make it hard to flip through


recollecetions planning


Overall, they are both great planners. I will stick to the Recollections planner since I can just go to Michaels and buy it instead of waiting for an online purchase. Also, because the price is affordable. So, what kind of planner do you have? Do you plan? Any favorite sticker shops?









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