About Me

About Ali and Ari.Com

Hi! Glad you stopped by. I created Ali and Ari to give my personal insight on fashion, beauty, food, entertainment, and anything else I I can think of. Everything you find on this site is my personal and my honest experience. I hope you enjoy what I bring to the community and find anything helpful and fun.

About Ruth

Ruth is a mommy of two wonderful girls and creator of Ali and Ari. She graduated from Full Sail University and got an associates degree in media communications. Ruth has a passion for movies and on her down time creates short films. Ruth enjoys writing and doing all types of DIY crafts with her family. Ali and Ari was created because Ruth spent hours online looking content targeted for her skin, body, hair, and personality type. Being unsuccessful she decided that it was best to just create her site and bring out a new audience. Ruth was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Florida. Ruth is of hispanic decent.