The Liebster Award

I have been seeing many bloggers getting nominated for this blogger award called a Liebster award but I never paid much attention. Mostly because I kept thinking that I wasn’t going to get a nomination since I am a very new to blogging. To my surprise, I got a nomination and I have never been nominated for anything so even though there is no physical award the pure fact that I am even involved in this terrific movement is more than enough for me. I want to thank The Cup of JOJO for this nomination. I love her blog it’s so inspiring so to have her nominate me.


liebster award.png

Favorite Blog:

My favorite blog is She really has inspired me in my blog journey a lot. She is a woman of god, is a planner babe, she is an influencer while also being a mom and wife. Her blog has a little bit of everything starting with makeup and fashion and lifestyle things. She is Latina and she has struggled but she has still fighting and I am proud to have women like her to look up to in my journey.



My answers:


  1. 1. How/why did you start blogging? Blogging started out as a hobby/project I had to do in college a few years ago. I always loved writing so this then became my career.
    Name the top 3 most beautiful places you have ever visited. This is so hard because I barely get to travel but off the top of my head Sarasota, FL, Central Park, and Boulevard East, NJ.
    3. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done? When I was 15 I decided to go on an adventure with my friends to time square and got stranded in a major blizzard and had to figure out how to get back to NJ. It was insane but we made it home and I was grounded for months.
    4. What/who inspires you to travel? My best friend has always wanted to travel and shows me these amazing beautiful places she wants to see and that just makes me want to travel and see these unique places and eat their main dish. Yes, I am a foodie.
    5. What is your advice to new bloggers? Research and don’t be afraid to ask. If I would have researched more deeply and gotten involved more in Facebook groups and Pods I would have my blog fully mine. I wouldn’t be scrambling to figure things out with owning my blog. Now I am in a more difficult spot but I like a challenge and in a couple months I will have my blog right where I want it.
    6. For what in your life do you feel most grateful? If I did anything right in life it was my two-beautiful strong caring loving daughters. They are my most valuable possessions.
    7. Which post that you have written is one of your favorites and why?
    My favorite post is my recent post which are 10 facts about me. I created this blog because I want to bring people into my world show them my hobbies and talk about movies and random things. My blog has a little bit of everything.



My Nominees for amazing new blogs:


Paper Bunny Design

Bedtimes and Broomsticks

Vital for Style

Trendy Curvy

Curvy Girl Chic

My Planner Life

My Planner Envy

Planner Problem 101



What Is a Liebster Award:

Want to know more of the Liebster award just click here and all info plus step by step on what to do next is provided.


Your Questions:


  1. What do you love most about blogging?
  2. What is your favorite topic to blog about?
  3. Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to become a blogger?
  4. Who is your favorite blogger? Why?
  5. What are some struggles you have encountered in this business?
  6. Samsung or Apple?
  7. If you can have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
  8. What is your favorite movie genre?




Thank you again the Cup of Jojo for this and thank you everyone for reading.





Weekend Fun!

Hello Loves,


This weekend was very eventful. I attended my second makeup workshop hosted by Instagram Influencers TwineeFab. This workshop was mostly for makeup beginners. They gave very detailed slide shows on moisturizing your skin, prepping your face, and finding out skin tones. The twins gave you tips and ways of finding out what foundation is good for your skin type and how to discover what foundation color is right for you.


Then the fun and the best part began. The live tutorial everyone could follow along and do on themselves. A special guest was there as the face model, FashionEightyNine. She was so fun and down to earth. As we all followed along we learned about how to highlight and contour areas of our face according to our face shape. We learned about transition shades to create an everyday look or any look in general.

The makeup workshop was such an amazing experience. Nayda and Zayda were so down to earth and funny and made this experience such a welcoming one. Even though I have makeup experience I still learned new techniques. I also was able to get to know the twins in person and see that this industry we are all in is hard but with god on your side anything is possible. These ladies are the real deal they know beauty and the best part is that they work together which to me says how much love and respect they have for each other.

Overall, I can’t wait for many more workshops and be able to keep learning from all these ladies. I want to say thank you to Twineefab and Fashioneightynine for teaching all of us your skills and knowledge. Also, a big thank you for the raffle prize it is amazing.




Recollections vs Erin Condren

recollections unicorn planner

Hello loves


I recently went shopping at Michaels looking for a new planner to start the new year. There are so many sales going on I had to take advantage. I never really pay attention to all the type of planners but since I wanted something new I decided to look through some Recollections planners. I was so excited to come across a Recollections planner that was identical to the Erin Condren planner. I have been a huge fan of Erin Condren planners so I had to buy this Recollections planner. Now it’s time to compare the two.





  • Recollections Planner $18-$30
  • Recollections planner has many stickers and sticker books in store for purchase.
  • Happy Planner stickers can be used on both Erin Condren and Recollection Planners
  • Recollection planners bring sheets of stickers, a folder, a pouch and some note paper
  • Erin Condren planners have more sturdy paper
  • Both Erin Condren and Recollections have same size box space



  • Erin Condren $55-$60
  • Erin Condren planners don’t have their own stickers so sticker shops on etsy provide
  • Recollection planner paper is more prone to breakage
  • Recollection planner coils are smaller which can make it hard to flip through


recollecetions planning


Overall, they are both great planners. I will stick to the Recollections planner since I can just go to Michaels and buy it instead of waiting for an online purchase. Also, because the price is affordable. So, what kind of planner do you have? Do you plan? Any favorite sticker shops?








What’s in My Bag

Hey loves


I bought this cute mini backpack from Forever 21 on sale for $15 and it has saved me. I usually have a cross body but since I am a mommy of 2 I have to carry lots of things so when I saw this bag I was like I have to have this. Now I can carry more and wont weigh me down yay! So, I decided to give you a preview of what’s in my bag. I know it isn’t much but eventually it will get more crammed and when that day comes I will give an updated version. For now, here’s what’s in my bag hope you enjoy.

my bag1



  1. Happy Planner Mini: This is where I keep my work organized. I must carry it everywhere because I’m always working. As a blogger, I come up with ideas and I am very forgetful so this planner is a must.
  2. Michael Kors wallet: Yes, I have a massive wallet. I wish I can carry a smaller one but that’s not my reality. I need to carry my info my daughters’ info and everything else in here because you never know when an emergency will pop up. My wallet is very spacious so I am definitely grateful for that.
  3. Flat Beauty Blender: I love this flat beauty blender. It’s a miracle for me when its super-hot and I have to wear makeup and since I’m oily in my t-zone this beauty is a game changer.
  4. Ipod: I can’t live without my music. I received this years ago for my birthday from my uncle so it’s very dear to my heart.
  5. Secret: I always carry a travel size deodorant with me because I feel secure. There are times that I forget to wear deodorant and this is in my bag and I am relieved. Yay for travel size!
  6. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes: Can’t leave the house without my gum. I talk a lot to random people so my breath needs to be on point. Nobody likes bad breath.
  7. Hair Ties: These are used for when I am done with the day and my hair needs to go up. The heat is no joke.
  8. Pen: Needed for when an idea pops up and needs to be written down or any other thing.
  9. Stylus: My phone screen is pretty big so this is greatly appreciated


So there you have it it’s not much but like I said I will give an updated version soon if you would like. Now that you have seen what’s in my bag let me know what’s in your bag in the comments below.





Famous Necklaces

Hey loves,


I wanted to talk to you about this amazing opportunity that I had the pleasure of receiving. I was approached by this company called Mirina Collections. If you haven’t heard of them don’t worry neither did I until now. So, I was asked if I wanted to try out one of their famous necklaces. Before I said yes, I started researching the company and checking out reviews everything seemed legit and I asked for more details. All my questions were answered and I had to choose which necklace or choker I wanted. This process was hard but I went with the Poppy famous necklace a best seller. I am not getting paid nor did I receive this item for free so everything I say is my honest opinion.

Mirina Ambassador

Necklaces from this line only I believe have a shipment date. Oder’s must be placed before a certain date in order to receive them by a certain date. Since the product is very detailed and are hand-made by the number of orders this process has to happen. I placed my order and as a gift received a free choker. The choker is a simple black choker. I was given the option of becoming a Mirina Girl which is an ambassador for the company and I accepted and was given a discount code for all my followers. So I figured this is a win win I get this amazingly gorgeous necklace and you can purchase one just like it or can choose any other from their famous collection.

Mirina Necklace



The Poppy necklace is a statement necklace made of copper with silver plating has clear crystals and are handcrafted and layered. They are not heavy even though it may seem that way. I know that when I was looking at the other statement necklaces my first thought was “wow these necklaces look heavy,” but they weren’t. The necklace was true to its picture and was even better in person plus the sparkle was a plus. I didn’t imagine that much sparkle. I will be purchasing more from this site and I welcome you to give the site a look around. The great thing about the Mirina Collections website is that they sell necklaces and more.

Hope you enjoyed my review on this necklace and let me know what you think in the comments below.



Poppy Famous Necklace

Mirina Collections

Discount code 20% off: MirinaGirls



5 Ways to Move More



5 Ways to Move More



I am not a fitness person but I do want to be fit. After giving birth to my girls my health habits went downhill. Now that I get back control of my life I am taking small steps to becoming healthier than I was. In doing so I have come to the conclusion that one of the key things in being healthy is movement. Yup so cliché but the thing that we are all guilty of doing slowly but surely is become lazy. We have cars, we have takeout, and we ask others to get us things we need. It’s time to stop that and get moving and here are my personal tips to getting more movement I your day.

health journey



  1. Hide things. If you hide your keys you are either going to take the walk or walk your butt off looking for them which has its benefits of bending, squatting, and getting your heart rate up.
  2. Park your car a couple parking spaces back than normal. By parking a couple space away from your destination you are able to get extra steps in your day. A little goes a long way I always say.
  3. Drink lots of water. I know it’s not really moving but what happens when you drink lots of water? You have to get up and go. You see a little goes a long way.
  4. Go outside and smell some fresh air. There’s a greater chance that you might want to take a walk if not hey at least you took the walk to your door or window.
  5. This to me is considered more of a workout but hey it’s a workout that doesn’t feel like one it’s just cleaning right? So during the week usually a mild clean is okay such as vacuum and a light mop and dust. On the weekends is where I can take a day and do a deep clean. See how you’re basically moving during the entire week and not know it.

June Beauty Favorites

Hey Loves,

I’m back for my monthly favorites and this month is a bit different than last month’s because I changed up my routine a little. I don’t want to get stuck in a routine so I try to venture out and try different products. So, let’s get started.

  • Becca X Jaclyn Hill champagne collection face palette is one I go to back and forth because I love it so much I don’t want to hit pan. Yes, I am that type of person. To be honest this was my first major brand purchase and I love Jaclyn Hill so much because she’s so pure and fun and a hard worker. The highlight is ridiculous and the blushes are beautiful.
  • Morphe 35r palette is such a versatile eye palette it’s great for an everyday eye look, a dramatic eye look or a toned-down version of a smoky eye look. This palette is so pigmented and the foil colors are so creamy. One thing I do want to put out there is that there is fallout on some shadows but not all. The ones I noticed fallout are the dark foil shadows. Which are just 2 really.
  • Tarte Tarteist lip paint in the color birthday suit. I received this as my birthday present from Sephora last month and have been wearing it ever since. It’s a perfect nude shade for my skin color. It’s creamy and matte but it won’t dry out your lips.

tarte lip swatch

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel is a definite must for me. This brow gel tames my stubborn brow hairs. I never thought I needed this type of product but I was shopping in Sephora and one of the pro’s suggested it because she noticed my stubborn hair on my tip just wanting to go in a different direction. So I was like what the heck let me try it. Best purchase I ever made.
  • Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray is long lasting, oil free, paraben free, and has temperature control technology. I received this in a subscription box and never used it because I didn’t believe in setting sprays. I do now though. Curiosity got the best of me I was playing with makeup and used it and decided to go out and to my surprise my makeup was set in place at 6 pm which was amazing given the meg hot sun. I am almost running out need to get a new bottle asap.
  • L’Oreal true match super blendable crayon concealer in the color medium/deep is a favorite this month because I spot conceal thanks to Desi Perkins. I was just testing it out so I brought this concealer. I pair it with the NYX concealer because I haven’t found the perfect concealer to spot conceal with and this one does the job for now. The crayon helps the process since the end is pointy and I can have a precise conceal.
  • NYX HD studio concealer I won’t go into this one too much because it was in my May favorites. It has made the list again and will continue probably because I love this formula so much. You want a good drug store beauty product I suggest this one for sure.
  • Aurora intensively precise eyeliner is perfect for my cat eyes. The tip is so pointy it’s perfect to make that sharp wing which I love I have been using this one the most but I have others for backup because it tends to dry while I am in the process.
  • Ulta brow pomade is my dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills one because I couldn’t afford it. I will eventually get that one but for now I am very satisfied with the Ulta brand it’s creamy and goes on smoothly.

june products

  • Lancome Monsieur Big was given to me to test it out. The product doesn’t come out until July 26. I just want to say this, if you wear falsies this mascara will make you put the falsies down. I personally don’t wear lashes but my friends and family thought I started because of this mascara. I love this mascara and have been using it for almost a month. Now it isn’t waterproof so be careful. I was at the beach it rained and my daughters were like, “mommy you look like a raccoon,” and sure enough my mascara was running down my face lol.
  • Eco tools beauty sponges are still on my list they are environmental safe and I don’t have to wet them to use them yay!
  • Too Faced Hangover I won’t go into much detail because it was in my May favorites. It’s replenishing to the skin and has coconut water plus its silicone free. I use it on my t-zone and a little on my cheeks.
  • Miliani prep + set + go transparent face powder has been my favorite setting and baking powder for a while now. I find myself using it more and more because of the summer heat and it’s getting the job done.

So, there you have it another month gone and another month full of beauty favorites. Let me know in the comments below what products are good what I should try and if you have tried any of this month’s favorites.


May Beauty Favorites

may beauty favorites

Hey loves


My birthday day month has come to end and here are my makeup favorites. I have experimented with makeup this month more than any and these are definitely going to be repurchased and favored for a while. So, let’s get to it.




  • Eco tools beauty sponges I use them dry and it actually blends better on my skin and doesn’t leave my makeup cakey
  • Carlri Bybel deluxe palette 6 highlighters and 15 eyeshadows yes please!!! I had the 1st version of this palette and having this one I just love them both
  • NYX HD concealer in medium its smooth and has been my favorite concealer this month because it has hidden my under eye circles.
  • NYX matte lipstick in the color London a perfect nude that goes with any makeup look
  • L’Oreal Infallible pro matte foundation in the color fresh beige. The major key when I buy foundation is that it doesn’t cake my face and so far I have been using this for a month and no cake face yay!
  • BeautiControl Skinlogics herbal hydrating mist. My friend use to sell this and gave me their skin care line to test and I am in love with it I use it mostly to prep my face
  • NYX total control foundation I was a little skeptical on this because of its liquid texture but I mix it with the Tarte Maracuja oil and it goes on smooth and lasts all day
  • Tarte Maracuja oil has been my go to for everything I mix it with foundation concealer I even use it on my hair. It is pricey I won’t sugar coat it but if you can find a travel size one try it. I received mines in an Ipsy bag a while ago and a little goes a long way.
  • Sun Bum sunscreen lip balm spf 30 in the flavor banana has been my go to this month because of this intense sun I rather protect everything I can then be sorry.
  • Benefit Browvo! Conditioning primer. I was mistreating my brows trying to follow the brow trend that I was starting to lose my brow hair and by using this conditioner my brows are getting back to normal
  • L’Oreal brow stylist definer in the color brunette. I have been using this for a year. I was loving this product and had to put it in here because I loved it for so long but will not make it to my next monthly favorites because I want to try a more natural brow and want to try and keep my brows healthy so I am doing a change.
  • Real techniques beauty sponge is another sponge I use but this one is specifically for my setting powders. If I can have more sponges I would lol.


Hope you all enjoyed my May favorites. In the comments below let me know what have you tried and what you would like to try. Also, let me know what products I should give a try.