Meal Prepping for the Busy Mom

Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to eat healthier or want to make a change in your lifestyle being a mom and getting healthy is a bit difficult. From grocery lists to timing and if you a working mom then it’s an extra barrier in trying to get healthy. As a busy working mom, myself I am going to give you some tips to meal prepping.


  1. Meal Prep Day. Choose a day of the week preferably a day off or a day that’s barely used. For example, my meal prep days are Sundays.
  2. Revise Grocery List. Sometimes we make a list amid hunger. So, go back look at the list make sure everything on it is good food choices.
  3. Be Prepared. Cut up your chicken or meat of choice season it and separate portions into Ziploc bags. Wash your salad and prep put in avocado eggs or anything you desire but don’t add any dressing. That way all you should do is scoop it out and add your dressing for that day.
  4. It’s extremely hard to be healthy when you have little ones. Control yourself you might have some lapses but get back up and start over. Make a simple meal schedule that you can handle don’t set yourself up for failure.


Simple enough, right? We don’t have to overthink or complicate a process we just need to make it work and benefit us. So, tell me, do you meal prep? Do you have other ideas for meal prepping? Tell me in the comments below.



Butterflies and Lemonade

With this amazing weather in Florida for the month of February I couldn’t help but do a Butterflies and Lemonade themed birthday party for my girls who turn 3 and 5. I love to entertain and make memories and now that I have my two girls I am more committed to making their special day extra special. Every year I give myself a budget and this year with coupons I was able to keep it under $2,000. Yay for successful party planning! Hope You all enjoy. XOXO

Most décor: Hobby Lobby and Michaels

Popcorn box, water bottle wraps, and straw flag printables: Dreamy Party Printable

Confetti: Magnolia Bloom Boutique and Pleasant View Parties

Cookies: Made by a family friend

Lemonade Stand treat boxes: Little Luxuries Loft

Welcome sign: Just a Little Breezy

Yellow stripped fabric: Joann

Cake: Imperio Dessert

Party Rentals and Balloon Towers: JJC Party Rental and Bounce House

Piñata: Made by hand by my best friend