10 Things to Know About Me

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  1. My goal in life is to be a director of movies.
  2. I have been writing screenplays to become a director
  3. I want to travel to many places such as Greece but I am to chicken when it comes to flying. I get severe anxiety.
  4. I have a certificate in Media Communications
  5. I am a Full Sail University Alumni
  6. I started blogging because of a school project
  7. My father is Puerto Rican and my mother is Dominican making me Latina and proud
  8. My blog is named after my two daughters. It’s their middle name.
  9. I am in love with import cars. I attend car shows. I would like to rebuild a Honda engine soon.
  10. I am a self-taught and still learning MUA. Makeup is a hobby I am passionate about because I love the colors and art you can create with it.


Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more.



Back to School Tips


We all know that the back to school rush is a crazy and hectic time. If you’re a single parent, have multiple children, are a first-time parent, a nervous parent, or a non-parent. Everyone’s main goal is to have a smooth morning and afternoon. So, as a first-time nervous parent I want to share some helpful tips that I am finding very useful as the first day of school approaches.

  1. Prepare and layout everything the night before. This includes clothes, backpacks, snacks, and/or lunch.
  2. If you work far or traffic in your area is usually bad prepare to leave your house 40 minutes earlier.
  3. Attend your child/ren school orientation. You can get all the info you need to make the school year go smoother.
  4. Practice bedtime routine a week before school starts.
  5. Safety is a major key part of the school year. Please drive at the limits you are supposed to. DO NOT skip the buses. Lastly, teach your child/ren about safety always.

I hope this helps. I know I am a wreck but this is a huge step and a new dynamic in my household we all must adjust. Education is important and I think us as parents and relatives should make the transition as smooth as possible.


What’s in My Bag

Hey loves


I bought this cute mini backpack from Forever 21 on sale for $15 and it has saved me. I usually have a cross body but since I am a mommy of 2 I have to carry lots of things so when I saw this bag I was like I have to have this. Now I can carry more and wont weigh me down yay! So, I decided to give you a preview of what’s in my bag. I know it isn’t much but eventually it will get more crammed and when that day comes I will give an updated version. For now, here’s what’s in my bag hope you enjoy.

my bag1



  1. Happy Planner Mini: This is where I keep my work organized. I must carry it everywhere because I’m always working. As a blogger, I come up with ideas and I am very forgetful so this planner is a must.
  2. Michael Kors wallet: Yes, I have a massive wallet. I wish I can carry a smaller one but that’s not my reality. I need to carry my info my daughters’ info and everything else in here because you never know when an emergency will pop up. My wallet is very spacious so I am definitely grateful for that.
  3. Flat Beauty Blender: I love this flat beauty blender. It’s a miracle for me when its super-hot and I have to wear makeup and since I’m oily in my t-zone this beauty is a game changer.
  4. Ipod: I can’t live without my music. I received this years ago for my birthday from my uncle so it’s very dear to my heart.
  5. Secret: I always carry a travel size deodorant with me because I feel secure. There are times that I forget to wear deodorant and this is in my bag and I am relieved. Yay for travel size!
  6. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes: Can’t leave the house without my gum. I talk a lot to random people so my breath needs to be on point. Nobody likes bad breath.
  7. Hair Ties: These are used for when I am done with the day and my hair needs to go up. The heat is no joke.
  8. Pen: Needed for when an idea pops up and needs to be written down or any other thing.
  9. Stylus: My phone screen is pretty big so this is greatly appreciated


So there you have it it’s not much but like I said I will give an updated version soon if you would like. Now that you have seen what’s in my bag let me know what’s in your bag in the comments below.





Meal Prepping for the Busy Mom

Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to eat healthier or want to make a change in your lifestyle being a mom and getting healthy is a bit difficult. From grocery lists to timing and if you a working mom then it’s an extra barrier in trying to get healthy. As a busy working mom, myself I am going to give you some tips to meal prepping.


  1. Meal Prep Day. Choose a day of the week preferably a day off or a day that’s barely used. For example, my meal prep days are Sundays.
  2. Revise Grocery List. Sometimes we make a list amid hunger. So, go back look at the list make sure everything on it is good food choices.
  3. Be Prepared. Cut up your chicken or meat of choice season it and separate portions into Ziploc bags. Wash your salad and prep put in avocado eggs or anything you desire but don’t add any dressing. That way all you should do is scoop it out and add your dressing for that day.
  4. It’s extremely hard to be healthy when you have little ones. Control yourself you might have some lapses but get back up and start over. Make a simple meal schedule that you can handle don’t set yourself up for failure.


Simple enough, right? We don’t have to overthink or complicate a process we just need to make it work and benefit us. So, tell me, do you meal prep? Do you have other ideas for meal prepping? Tell me in the comments below.


5 Ways to Move More



5 Ways to Move More



I am not a fitness person but I do want to be fit. After giving birth to my girls my health habits went downhill. Now that I get back control of my life I am taking small steps to becoming healthier than I was. In doing so I have come to the conclusion that one of the key things in being healthy is movement. Yup so cliché but the thing that we are all guilty of doing slowly but surely is become lazy. We have cars, we have takeout, and we ask others to get us things we need. It’s time to stop that and get moving and here are my personal tips to getting more movement I your day.

health journey



  1. Hide things. If you hide your keys you are either going to take the walk or walk your butt off looking for them which has its benefits of bending, squatting, and getting your heart rate up.
  2. Park your car a couple parking spaces back than normal. By parking a couple space away from your destination you are able to get extra steps in your day. A little goes a long way I always say.
  3. Drink lots of water. I know it’s not really moving but what happens when you drink lots of water? You have to get up and go. You see a little goes a long way.
  4. Go outside and smell some fresh air. There’s a greater chance that you might want to take a walk if not hey at least you took the walk to your door or window.
  5. This to me is considered more of a workout but hey it’s a workout that doesn’t feel like one it’s just cleaning right? So during the week usually a mild clean is okay such as vacuum and a light mop and dust. On the weekends is where I can take a day and do a deep clean. See how you’re basically moving during the entire week and not know it.

How to Stay Organized

Hello Loves


We are  months into the new year and even though I am not one to be making resolutions and trying to do the new year new me motto I decided that I am just going to just set small goals and be organized a little bit more.

For so many years I wanted to do new year resolutions and do drastic dramatic changes in my life for example lose an insane amount of weight in little time or chop all my hair off and never do or start a crazy fad diet that will do damage to my health and body. All that unrealistic stuff never works it’s all about balance and self-discipline.

So, 2017 is going to be the year where I will discover me. I do know that I need to be more organized. I am a mom of 2 toddlers and my head is all over the place I am very forgetful and in my search for organization I discovered planners. With so many planners out there I felt a little overwhelmed until I saw a video on YouTube about the Happy Planner. The Happy Planner is a life changer and very inexpensive. This one fits me and my lifestyle. I wanted to find out how others use it and saw how you can combine creativity and your daily life on the pages of a planner.


I love to decorate mines and put motivational quotes. I have 2 planners by the way that’s how great they are. I have a classic and a mini. The mini planner is new and the layout is different. Both the classic and the mini help a great deal in my life. I use the classic, since its bigger, for my everyday functions. For example, doctor appointments and grocery shopping reminders and my TV show times plus much more. The mini is for my work schedule. I blog and write screen plays and direct I need to keep my schedule very organized.


So, I want to know what do you do to get organized? Do you have a planner if, so what kind of planner do you own? How many do you have? Let me know and comment below.