Top 5 Romantic Comedy Movies

The Sweetest Thing: Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, & Christina Applegate are sweet funnySweetest_Thing_f and corny. I love this movie because even though this movie isn’t the best it still that one movie we just can’t stop watching. No matter what these 3 best friends have going on in their life they always have each other to push them to face up to what scares them.

Sweet Home Alabama: One of Reese Witherspoon’s best performances in my opinion. She is just so perfect in this movie. sweet-home-alabama-549e85f682febThe love story that seems impossible becomes possible in this movie. It gives you hope and shows you that sometimes you need to drift apart to realize what you really want. We see in many movies how the guy leaves the girl and regrets it and I love that this movie is the total opposite.

500 Days of Summer: When I first saw this movie, I was like what the heck just happened. I saw it again and realized this is a raw version of the truth. This is what really happens and we 500-days-of-summerfinally got a movie most can relate to. I love the weird but funny chemistry Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoe Deschanel have. You will get all the feels in this movie and the end is my favorite.

13 Going on 30: We all at some point in our adolescence have said we can’t wait until we are 18 or 25 or 30. Well 13goingon30this movie goes into that and beyond. It’s easy to say that but can you imagine saying it and living it. Jennifer Garner is the perfect person to bring her character to life and portray her in such an innocent way. The story this movie brings to the screen is told so amazingly and shows you that we don’t got it all together even in our adulthood.

Just Go with It: If you haven’t watched this movie please do. It will make you have that good laugh. Adam Sandler is like a king when it comes to just-go-with-it-503bf652a2cefromantic comedies but this is my favorite of all. The cast looked like they had a blast while filming. The chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler is awesome. At first, it’s like really Jennifer and Adam but it is perfect. They are funny and cheesy.

I hope You liked my top 5 favorite romantic comedies. I know to most these movies suck badly but I am a sucker for these types of movies. I like the combo of funny and romance not everything should be taken seriously we got to have fun in life. Watch a corny movie and just enjoy it. What are your favorite romantic comedies and tell me why in the comments below.




War for the Planet of the Apes Movie Review


In the third installment of the Planet of the Apes we approach what is the beginning of the end to Cesar’s storyline. We witness the humans begin to try and take over their territory. We also see that the apes want to maintain the peace and move on until tragedy strikes. This sends Cesar on a rage for revenge which also starts to affect him mentally as a familiar face starts to haunt him.

As the apes begin to start their journey to find a new home. Cesar decides that his need is to get justice and doesn’t go with the rest of the apes on the journey to their new home. Cesar’s most loyal friends decide to stay and help him fight. As they hunt for the colonel Cesar and his crew encounter a little girl. She becomes a key part to the apes and to the storyline. Cesar also encounters another ape he is unfamiliar with. This new ape has crucial info that help Cesar and his buddies.

The journey comes to an end as the apes on the journey encounter a trader and get captured. They are then trapped by the humans and forced to work with no food or water. Cesar eventually gets caught and what awaits him is way more than what h bargained for. In a deep and informative dialogue between the colonel and Cesar, Cesar realizes this is much bigger than him. War is declared and the plot starts to thicken. With Cesar on the inside with the rest of the apes his right-hand men are still on the outside plotting the escape of all the apes to then travel to their new home.

Overall, the War for the Planet of the Apes is just that a war. War can be portrayed in many different forms. This war isn’t just about fighting guns or how many died. This is more of a civil war vibe. This is supposed to be about the apes but quickly turns to the humans’ war against each other.  Cesar never wanted war but he was forced and one thing leads to another but Cesar’s focus was mainly revenge.

I have never hated the human race as much as I did in this movie. Yes, that’s what this movie brought out of me. I give so much credit to Matt Reeves and Matt Bomback for writing an amazing script and directing such an emotional movie. This was a perfect end to Cesar’s story. I look forward to knowing if they will continue telling the story of the apes since there is a new beginning in a new home for the apes.

Movie Review : Dunkirk



Any victory is a victory for these soldiers stranded in the movie Dunkirk. This is what we see as we follow three young soldiers in scenario one. In scenario two we see citizens risking it all to protect and serve their country. Scenario three we follow fighter jet pilots as they try and do the best they can in what feels like a never-ending war.

The struggle for survival is intense and director Christopher Nolan makes sure you feel that sensation. As the movie progresses we start to see the struggle build rapidly and each scenario shows the extreme ways these soldiers fight for survival. The soldiers grow desperate and who wouldn’t when you have been stranded on a beach for so long no food standing in a straight line waiting to see if the Air Force is coming to help you out. You have no food barely water and the enemy is closing in on you. All this is felt as you watch this movie. Every scene putting you at the edge of you seat.

Dunkirk is more of a timeline of events leading to the rescue of the English soldiers by their own civilians. You won’t see a certain character being built in this story. Dunkirk makes you look at the actual war itself. Don’t expect a character to paint a scene for you. Better said, do not wait for the character to put you in their shoes. You must put yourself in their shoes and see these soldiers. Feel it. See it.

Overall, this movie is incredibly written and the cinematography was beyond words. The way Christopher Nolan brings this story to life is truly one for the books. I know that by nominations standards this movie isn’t eligible since it came out during the summer. But, if an exemption can be made I would like to see this movie nominated for something. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it. Don’t take my word for it see for yourself.